About Patty "Luna"


Hey I'm Patty many of you know me as "Luna" I'm an adventurer, educator and outdoors women born and raised in Miami. Growing up in the swamps and hardwood hammocks of the south I  always thought of nature as a place of inspiration, exploration and solace. We grew up riding three wheelers and buggies; my family used the outdoors as a classroom where I  was taught to appreciate and respect nature through hunting, fishing, and off-roading. 

My brother introduced me to wheeling in his CJ-5 in the 80s, mudslinging, wind blowing, and tunes playing. I still remember how my first ride felt; fast forward a few years I met my husband Alex, driving his mud covered YJ. It was love at first sight  (the Jeep had everything to do with it!)  We have been sharing our apprieciation  for the outdoors with our 4x4 family ever since.

I own a 2013 JKU "Luna" and a Can Am ATV, they are my obsession and freedom!

The memories and friendships we have   made exploring and off-roading are priceless.  I hope to inspire & empower women to get out there and enjoy the outdoors in their 4x4's !