About LeeAnn "Mae West"


My name is Lee Ann Godwin. I am the mother to 3 grown men ( Jordan, Bryson, and Zach), Wife to a Vet/local LEO (Michael) and Jeeper himself. My pride and joy is my 2014 JKU Black/Pink “MAE WEST”. It took me a year to name her, but her name comes from the 1st year I had her, I drove her to Maine and then to Key West. How is cool is that? LOL… 

I have always loved jeeps. I lived in California in the early 70’s and remember seeing everyone drive them or the dune buggies. I think since then I always had a secret love of them. Then in high school a lot of friends would drive jacked up trucks and go boggin/muddin. So much fun. When I was in my early 20’s I went to some dirt track races and for a while wanted to be a derby racer. Then after 15 years of marriage, Hubby bought our 1st jeep. 2006 TJ We had so much fun riding in the woods, muddin, and driving to the coast. That is when I decided I needed one. So for my bday in 2014 I got my baby. 

Mae West and my family have had lots of fun, driving to the coast, long distances, etc…. She is a “Pavement Princess” for the most part. The 1st time I took her “off-roading” was at the 2018 Jeepin with Judd event. I had so much fun and learned so much. I hope I can continue to grow and learn. My ultimate goal is when I pay her off, She will be a full time trail rig and we will go to Moab. 

I look forward to talking and meeting with ladies from all over the 4x4 community.

Happy Trails, Lee Ann