About Caroline "Hazmat"


Hey Ya'll, Caroline here (aka Hazmat) Born and raised city girl here from West Palm Beach, FL now living the country life in Dade city, FL.   I grew up mostly in the Florida keys  fishing, scuba diving, lobster hunting and shark playing on the weekends.  During high school I would go mudding with friends on the weekends, mud bogs and tractor pulls. Started College in Key West and worked at Seacamp in Big Pine Key. 

I'm a  U. S . Coast Guard Veteran, who was stationed in  Virginia, Buffalo New York and Tampa , FL . Called Tampa home in 2006- 2016. Moved to South Florida in 2016-2018 Where I bought my first Jeep. Now I own a Environmental Hazmat Spill Response Company and live in Dade city, FL    I have Always had a love for Jeeps, but ex husband said NO .. So my Jeep was my divorce gift to myself.  From then my love for the jeep community grew.. and hasn't stopped $$$$.   My first Jeep Beach event then Jeep ranch, now getting ready for Jeep Fest in Jasper GA.   I had the pleasure to met so many great women in this group. We chat about jeeps, pickup trucks, ATVs to the dating scene to best bumpers to how to deal with family stuff and what sounds good for dinner, haha These women have turned into family rather then friends.  

I look forward to meeting you and sharing some memories together.